Videogame culture class crossover

In my 15 credit schedule this semester at University of Florida I somehow managed to squeeze in a class called Videogame Culture. This class, using the lens of one of the top Journalism colleges in the country, looks into perceptions of gaming in the entertainment industry and their overall cultural affect. That pitch aside, I love gaming and an assignment for the class had me look into “how games inspire” which I couldn’t help but answer dreamily. So here it is:

“One of the most notable influences of games on my life has been the content of my dreams. Oftentimes I find myself puzzling over “collect 10 thingymajig” quest with projections of my friends or swarming a Protoss base with my fellow hive-mates. I think that the oddities that I experience in games give me an equal amount of enrichment in my waking life as in my sleeping one. 

Over time I believe gaming and dreaming have evolved to have a kind of symbiotic relationship in my life. The language of games is very similar to the language of dreams. You don’t really know why you’re doing what you’re doing but it’s your quest and the point is to enjoy and learn from the experience. 

Some less linear games that I play like Starcraft and League of Legends are often the sites of my dream when my subconscious  feels like putting me on trial. Other games like Amnesia and System Shock 2 have given me nightmare-fuel for years to come. Most of all, I relish the dreamscapes I’ve gotten to experience inspired from the worlds of Mirror’s Edge and Katamari Damacy as they are some of the wackiest and most memorable I’ve had.”

I find game dreams very interesting, and would definitely like to expand on the ideas proposed in this short post in a future discussion. 


Dream on little dreamers,