The tools of the trade

The tools of the trade

My series of half-completed journals available to me daily. The leftmost journal is usually in my book bag, the middle journal (the largest one) sits on my nightstand and that last journal goes in the living room for easy access.

The reason I bring this up as my first post is that before you do attempt any sort of lucid dreaming it is critical to grant yourself the availability to the tools necessary to train yourself. I’ve seen too many people try to get into lucid dreaming only to get frustrated within a week because they feel like they’re not remembering their dreams. Often this is a symptom of the fact that dream memories are very fickle and can quickly fade if not remembered actively.
It’s completely normal for memories of dreams to pop up in the middle of the day, only to be lost in the tumult of life’s hurdles. It’s with that reality in mind that I advise the practical solution I have taken to journal keeping. My motto is to purchase smaller journals to carry along my travels while a larger journal near my bed acts as a “home base” for the more interesting dreams. Smaller journals like the black ones pictured on the left and right side can sell for as low as under $10 for packs of three at your local office supply store. Oh and make sure to buy some pens while you’re at it of course. 🙂
The on-the-go journals can act as notepads for the large at-home journal or you can just fill them up with dreams as mine are. Keeping a strict sequential organization of your dreams is hardly important if you’re struggling with just writing the dreams at all.
In my experience many of my friends will be able to keep up with keeping a dream journal for a couple of weeks and then get into the habit of just remembering the dreams until they get home. This leads to a stressful backlog of dream memories that inevitably ends up causing the person to get unmotivated.
My humble opinion on the subject is if you just use on-the-go journals to little-by-little scribble as much as you can remember about dreams you’ve had you’ll be better resistant to the woes of loss of moral. While you wait for class, eat lunch or just decide to zone out try to write and doodle any dream recollections you might have. Don’t be ashamed to be a day or two late on writing your dreams, just write them!
That’s all I have to say for now, hope this will be an acceptable first post for you all.