Hello again sleepyheads

This will be my first post of the semester. I have a lot of plans for how to revamp this blog for the new year. One of my primary goals is to make it more follower interactive (once I get some followers that is).


The fears and frustrations of real life are often incarnated in our nightmares. How we react to these symbols of weakness in our dreams reflects on how well we are able to deal with these problems everyday.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of nightmares that have me running away from dogs. I’m a huge dog fan and have had a Jack Russel Terrier named Wishbone for 13 years. These nightmare dogs aren’t even very intimidating breeds. Its really something else be hunted by vicious Pugs and Schnauzers on a nightly basis.

I believe the normally affectionate dogs gone rabid represent new relationships in my life that are stressful to manage. I find it difficult to face these nightmares as dream-violence doesn’t seem to be the answer to fending off the creatures, I’m too conflicted by how I actually like the sight of them. Especially the pugs, they’re such silly creatures.

What do you think this could mean? What are some silly nightmare characters that you’ve encountered? Post below 😀