Ponder Me!

My name is Eric Bandin and I’m a rambler worth following, I assure you. Currently I’m a senior undergraduate at The University of Florida studying journalism and psychology. This blog is my baby brainchild to fuse these two fields into a forum for discussion on the wonders of the unconscious mind.

Let's Talk Dreams.

Let’s Talk Dreams.

I’ve seen vistas of opportunity and chasms of oblivion in my short life. I keep a sleep record to reap the harvests of meaning. From dream to dream I’m never assured a boon or bane, but I’m always confident facing them in their entirety.

Lucid dreaming is a lifestyle, it is one that has given me some of the greatest adventures of my life. I’m convinced that destiny mastery in all states of consciousness is the key to a longer life. I’d be happy to share my insights, dear reader, and would gladly learn what you have to offer.


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