Obligatory “Whoops I didn’t post for 3 months” post.

Hi long time no see,

To the people who subscribed to this dreaming blog in its fledgling stages I applaud your boldness. I apologize that I have lost my focus and this post is my preface to what I hope will become a meaningful growth of this forum. My lack of posting does not necessarily translate into a lack of interest in dreams, and I have plenty of new dream journal entries for post ammunition.

Now if you don’t mind a personal touch I’d like to tell you what brought me back, as I think it will help for you to understand my confidence moving forward. Encouraging words from friends and family have always been the backbone of my motivation, yet a few extraordinary things happened in the past day that I cannot bring myself to ignore. It began, as most metamorphosis do, with a nightmare. The details of this nightmare are not important past the fact that it kept me up most of the night with an entrenching feeling of no control over my dream-state. This is something that was largely unsettling to me, a person with at least 4 years of lucid dream practice under my belt.

Apparently the net-effect of this night showed on my face as I was stopped on the way back from school by a concerned acquaintance. He asked if something was wrong and I dismissed him saying “It’s not the best day, but it’s all in my head.” Pursuing the topic he asked “Well what do you want?” After a moments deliberation I replied “well I don’t know…nothing really.” “Then instead of just worrying about nothing all the time just pick something you want and go and get it” he said.

His response caught me off guard to say the least, but the beauty of reality is that it doesn’t always have to work in the realm of abstract symbols like dreams. I knew within moments that what I wanted was to give this blog and my readers the attention they deserve. I’m glad to be back, expect a post later tonight.

Dream on little dreamers,


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