How I Take Impressions Literally

A Dream

I was in my grandmother’s house with my brother. It is a modest brown home in the suburbs. Inside the home was an old friend of mine behind a confectionary stand. He was dressed in the bright red uniform of my middle-school where I last saw him. He was offering to sell us some baked goods he had but we politely refused. In response he began to eat the treats he had for display.

I watched him in disgust, I wanted to call out that it was not very wise for him to eat the things he was selling. What if his boss were to see him now? I said to him that he should stop. He asked me to follow him and walked towards the front door. He slipped his hand between the door and the frame and pulled aside the wall as though it were a curtain. 

Outside there were fireworks in the sky. We soon found ourselves in a line leading into a neighboring home. The house was made out of glass allowing us to see inside. People were strewn about on couches in the house. At the front of the line there was a secretary calling out numbers of people allowed to go in. Next to her Oprah was signing in a choir-like voice for the entertainment of those waiting in line.

My Thoughts

Sometimes strange characters find their way into our dreams. It can be difficult to bring these characters outside of the dream realm as your mind stalls due to the inconsistencies in their assets. Why is someone from my middle-school in my grandmother’s home? Why is Oprah, a talk show host, singing choir on the street? These are the types of questions that are interesting to ask during the interpretation stage, but crucial not to ask before you’ve recorded your dream.

It is hard to use post-dream rationalization without tainting the content of the dream with your conscious input. A useful mechanism for me is to take all impressions literally, which is to say that anytime I think I may have been somewhere/done something in a dream then I accept that as true. Although I say I was in my grandmother’s house that was only an impression that I had at the time, had I tried to observe specific details in the dream to validate that assertion I would likely have been met with disappointing evidence.

Whether it’s old friends or off-beat celebrities it is a good habit to take your dream projections as they come. Trying to read too much into your dreams before you write them beginning to end can make you blank-out on other characteristics of your surroundings. Just a thought.

What do you think about taking impressions literally? Are some things better left unexplained? Or do you think there is always an explanation shrouded by imperfect recall?


Dream on little dreamers,


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