Learning from a master: My first foray into a book edited by Carl Jung

I realize that my prior post have been a lot of conjecture with not so much of a research backbone. I’d like to change that, but unfortunately my lucid dreaming education is limited to my own experience along with brief sections in my psychology textbooks.

So a friend of mine loaned me “Man and His Symbols” edited by Carl G. Jung, which I hope will expand my knowledge on the subject.

My first impression (within the first 50 pages) is that this is a book I could really sink my teeth into. I’m really excited to hear how he elaborates on his understanding of a “dream language” for the unconscious mind.

In dealing with dreams Jung had this to say: ” First, the dream should be treated as a fact, about which one must make no previous assumption except that it somehow makes sense; and second, the dream is a specific expression of the unconscious.”

This quote gets to the heart of what it is to record a dream. The fact is that the lessons you experience in dreams are just as substantial as those found in reality, at least subjectively. The only difference being from where those lessons derived.

One thing Jung had to say gave me a lot of relief as a lucid dream enthusiast who is often asked to interpret dreams.

“No dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it, and there is no definite or straightforward interpretation of any dream,” he said.

This is something that makes dream recording so important. In my opinion there is no such thing as a single interpretation for any symbol in a dream. It entirely depends on the person who has dreamt it and what that symbol means to them.

What can be extrapolated from this is that dreams are a personal kind of treasure.  They’re something you can use to learn about yourself, but never an accurate way for others to judge you.

This is why I tend to be open with my dreams to friends. They always make for good conversation and in the end the true meaning of your dreams can only be known by yourself.

Well that’s all for now, I’m really looking forward to reading more of this book. I’ll definitely have more post as I delve into the realm of the Jung.

Dream on little dreamers,



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