Waking up slow

As someone who has four separate alarms, I understand that waking up is a difficult process. Trying to remember a dream is hard in the wee hours of morning when all you want to do is…well…keep dreaming. There is no one way to make this an easier process other than practice, but what you practice is up to personal preference.

One idea is to wake yourself up about an hour a half (approximately one REM cycle) before your planned waking time. This way when you wake up the second time not only are you quicker to wake but you also give yourself less information to recall. Personally, I find this approach great for starting to learn how to write your dreams but not really too effective for the long term.

Another idea is to set a relaxed routine about your dream recording. Trying to write while still in bed can cause you to zone out or fall back asleep. Try picking a comfortable but upright chair to write your dreams. Maybe that will help you retain just enough cognizance to organize your thoughts.

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way outlines a method of note recording after you wake known as “the morning pages.” I find that this is very useful to use in combination with dream recording as a kick-start to your writing. You basically write whatever comes to mind for three pages straight, even if it’s complete babble. You can even do it with your eyes closed. See if following this up with journal writing jogs your memory 😀

Keep in mind that looking at distracting electronics (I’m looking at you facebook addicts) immediately after waking up is typically a good way to forget everything about your dreamland adventures. I know that from experience.


Dream on little dreamers,



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