Faces of my dreams

A Dream

There was a large girls restroom with the stall and sink utilities in separate rooms. In the sink room a girl stood alone staring into a mirror. Her eyes were cold and jaded. She was wearing shades of purple and black but with the eyes she observed herself with she may as well have been naked.

With a nod she pulled out a stick of red lipstick and leaned into the mirror. Steadily pressing the lipstick against the glass she began to draw a complex set of hieroglyphs on and around the image of her own face. She became completely absorbed in her work, meticulously tracing each glyph as though she were trained. 

Another girl wandered into the sink room and quickly spotted the girl drawing on a mirror. For a moment the newcomer clutched the lipstick in her pocket and stared longingly at a nearby mirror. The girl in the corner turned to take note of the visitor. Her face was covered in the hieroglyphs she had drawn on her mirror image. The newcomer dropped her lipstick onto the ground and ran away, horrified.


I often have dreams where I take no part but simply observe a cast of oftentimes nondescript characters. In these dreams I find that the symbolism is more pronounced than first-person dreams. In this particular dream the overriding themes seemed to be loneliness (large room with one person inside, dark clothes), fixation (cold eyes making her seem naked, meticulous glyph tracing) and faces (lipstick, jaded eyes, longing look).

My best guess on the meaning of this dream is some kind of moral anecdote on the fruitlessness of covering up who you really are and the damage you can do to yourself in the process. I think that the female restroom setting of the dream along with the focus of girls looking in mirrors supports this thought. What I found intriguing was the fact that the second girl felt momentarily compelled to model herself after the first girl until she saw the (albeit creepy) result.

You don’t have to be a lonely girl cooped up in a restroom to worry about your appearance to the world. It is in dreams that we find that our most vulnerable selves are revealed. I think we’ve all seen ourselves stare back with jaded eyes, its a matter of sublimation as to whether we choose to hide what we see or embrace it.


Dream on little dreamers,

Eric Bandin



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