Variations of Lucid Dreams

Stephen Laberge is one of the frontrunners of lucid dreaming science. In a study released in 2000 he explained the three different types of lucid dreaming experienced by people. I thought I might give you a quick summary of the three as some food for thought.

Dream-initiated lucid dreams which make up approximately 80% of all lucid dreams. These lucid dreams are caused when a typical dream stimulates the conciousness to action without actually waking the subject. For non-experienced lucid dreamers this often happens when anxiety or stress dreams cause powerful enough emotions to cause you to become lucid.

Wake-initiated lucid dreams is the style of lucid dreaming often practiced by Tibetan monks. These lucid dreams occur when you enter a deep meditative state and are able to retain consciousness as you slip into sleep. This style of lucid dreaming takes much practice. Personally I have only been able to experience this a handful of times and have yet to gain any sort of control over their occurrence.

Ambiguously initiated lucid dreams is a subject reserved for those who actually practice lucid dreaming. In these dreams often lucid and nonlucid experiences will be melded together seamlessly over the course of a dream. Habits that are related to lucid dreaming practice actually occuring within the dreams are a good marker of this type of lucid dream initiation. Dreamers will often find themselves scrambling to find a journal to write down a dream completely unaware that they are actually still dreaming. This has happened to me many times and I can honestly say it’s kind of awkward to have written down an entire dream within the dream only to wake up and find that now you have to re-copy your notes and also include the experience of writing the dream in the dream for your entry. It’s a little mind-bending.

The full article can be found here:

Dream on little dreamers,





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