A note on materialism

If you’ve ever met someone who made the argument that all processes of your mind are made up of the naturally evolved wiring of your brain you’ve met a materialist. In this view the difference between “I made up my mind to ride my bike,” and “I made up my brain to ride my bike” have no distinction, according to The Spiritual Brain by Mario Beauregard & Denyse O’ Leary.

The book is interesting and I recommend it, but to those of you with a designated view on the subject I hope you will accept the possibility of non-materialist explanations for mental processes. With lucid dreaming it is important to maintain a certain level of confidence in the possibility of “mind over matter,” as opposed to the materialist presumption of “mind is the illusory product of matter.” To accept a certain level of personal control over your faculties is nothing new to most, so if you didn’t have a predisposed opinion don’t worry yourself too much about it. Just keep an open mind and have faith in the power of your focus.

Dream on little dreamers,


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